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Global Commercial Dishwasher Market 2017-2021

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Overview of the global commercial dishwasher market

Market research analysts at Technavio predict that the global commercial dishwasher market will grow steadily during the next four years at a CAGR of more than 4% by 2021. The rising preference for ENERGY STAR-certified commercial dishwashers is one of the primary growth factors for this market. Most commercial dishwashers in the market have energy-saving features and provide benefits like savings on the operating costs, consumption of less energy, and reduced consumption of chemical agents used for cleaning. ENERGY STAR-certified commercial dishwashers on an average utilize about 40% lesser energy and 40% lesser water, which, in turn, helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover, these dishwashers utilize lower energy than the conventional models, which helps in reducing the air pollution and assists in combatting the global climate change. By reducing the water consumption, these commercial dishwashers with ENERGY STAR certification help in conserving the streams, lakes, and oceans. Moreover, the ENERGY STAR-certified commercial dishwashers are gaining wide popularity around the world as these dishwashers are relatively more efficient and can significantly save the operator’s utility bills.

The rising preference for ventless rack conveyor commercial dishwashers is one of the latest trends that will contribute to the growth of the market in the forthcoming years. Ventless rack conveyor commercial dishwashers are widely preferred as they include a variable speed fan and heat pump to capture 100% of the operating exhaust vapor and heat, which is then converted into usable energy.

Competitive landscape and key vendors  

The commercial dishwasher market consists of numerous vendors around the globe that includes both international and regional players. The vendors in the market are looking to compete based on pricing, technology, and improved features of commercial dishwashers. Moreover, the vendors are coming up with newer technologies that use lesser amount of chemical agents and water. They are also trying to comply with the NSF and ETL standards and obtain the ENERGY STAR certification for their products.

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